Happy Benches


The Happy Benches were the brain child of Little Miss Sunshine (AKA Kelly Williams) who is currently driving around the UK in #TheYellowVanOfLove creating the benches everwhere she goes. Kelly explains “The idea is I’m being “carried by kindness” so people are letting me park my van on their drive, letting me use their shower, cooking me a meal or chipping in some money into the petrol pot.”

The idea is that they are placed on a bench in your local community and they encourage anyone would like someone else to talk to, to sit there. We felt the idea linked in with the Community Plus way of thinking, so we approached Kelly to work in collaboration and produce our own version, adding our own QR code too.

We’ve asked the coordinators to place them on benches across North and South Kirklees, these are in places like Greenhead Park, Crow Nest Park & Beaumont Park.

Do you know a bench that would be ideal for a sign? Would you like to know more about the Happy Bench project?

Contact us using the link below

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