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Journey to new beginnings

  • One morning Donna noticed a bus parked opposite her home. Curious, she went outside and was greeted by Community Co-ordinator Claire. They had a chat about what Community Plus do and how they help people.
  • Donna spoke about her struggles with anxiety, how she cares for three brothers with mental health issues and her father since her mum died. She explained how she didn’t get out much and had little support.

Welcome aboard

Claire quickly introduced Donna to groups and activities to help combat her loneliness.

“Donna attended the first session of Carer’s Café hosted by Carer’s Count and joined in the fun at the lantern making workshop organised by friends of Cinderhills. Although Donna struggled with anxiety, she was happy to be introduced to new activities in her area. Donna even roped in one of her brothers to join her for the coffee morning where they enjoyed screen printing.”

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Getting on like a house on fire

  • Donna regularly attended the Carer’s Café, lantern making workshops and the coffee mornings alongside her brother.
  • At the workshop, Donna’s brother met another group member. They got on like a house on fire after sharing their passion for music and synthesisers. Donna’s brother didn’t really socialise much but hopes to reduce his medication so he can learn to drive.

Donna C

Reaching the destination

Since meeting Claire, Donna has received more support from Folly Hall and Carers Count for another brother’s challenging behaviour. Donna is grateful to Community Plus and has said that her recent advances are all thanks to meeting Claire, through which she gained the confidence to reach out.

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