In this issue we visit the Trinity Centre at Batley Carr where the Committee volunteer much of their time to keep the centre up and running, offering a variety of activities throughout the week.

One such activity is the Luncheon Club that takes place every Tuesday from midday and has been running for the past 25 years!

And, for the past 20 years, the talented but modest Denise has donned her apron and set about preparing a roast dinner with dessert and unlimited hot drinks. Serving, on average, around 30 people each week! That’s a staggering 27 thousand meals, give or take!

It’s not just about preparing and cooking meals; Denise buys-in the food and does the paperwork, looking after the money-side of things.  Her fellow volunteers help-out with food prep and serving and, of course, the washing-up.

For Denise, highlights have included preparing special celebrations for Christmas and Easter and the time they celebrated the 100th birthday of one of the groups’ attendees.

Feeling quite emotional, Denise told me that this role has been ‘her calling.’  Needing no reward or recognition, so long as the people she serves are happy.

Reluctantly, she now needs to take some time to look after her own health. Leaving a huge gap but also an opportunity for someone to step into this role.

With heartfelt gratitude to Denise for her long service, we would like to wish her the very best of health and happiness in her future endeavours.

If you think you can help the Trintiy Centre keep the Luncheon Club up and running for the benefit of the local community, please contact them on 01924 437331 or email

If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer you can look for volunteering opportunities via this link:

Volunteering Roles – Third Sector Leaders Kirklees (