H was introduced to Community Plus via her occupational therapist, she has mental health challenges. Following a life changing illness last year H was left with physical disabilities which impact on her day-to-day life.  She lives with her husband who is her full time carer and main support.  Having recently moved back to the area H didn’t feel part of her local community and had become lonely and isolated which impacted on her wellbeing, confidence and feeling of dependency on her husband.

The Community Coordinator met with H on several occasions and provided information on local groups and activities and supported her to attend a local activity of interest. She was signposted to local mental health groups including S2R, Recovery College, The Wellness Service, her local library and the Home Library Service.

She was also connected to several volunteering opportunities which now are lined up for the near future. H was assisted to access support from In2Care Kirklees. She advertised and subsequently employed a PA to support her to remain independent and increase confidence whilst also providing relief for her carer. Information and advice was provided to H’s husband around carer support he could access in Kirklees.

“Working with Community Plus has been a life saver and an enjoyment due to the Community Coordinator’s personality and professional ethic. The Community Coordinator has shown me the wide range of support available through Community Plus, (I had no idea there was so much) even accompanied me to sessions. Her knowledge of the service is expansive, and this along with her professionalism, integrity and flexibility makes a valuable resource.

As the result of community support my life has opened to a host of new things, my mental health has improved, I feel part of a community again. “